Project Scientist Fellow for Cardiac and Hepatic Microphysiological Systems

An Associate Project Scientist position is available supported by the NIH organ-on-a-chip initiative. The project aims at integrating human iPSC-derived heart and liver tissues in a microphysiological device for investigations of drug toxicity and efficacy. The position requires previous expertise in the design, modeling, microfabrication, and characterization of microphysiological systems (i.e., Organs-on-a-chip). The project scientist will be tasked with: (1) device microfabrication; (2) computational modeling of each device for cardiac/hepatic tissue function; and, (3) perform functional analyses in collaboration with other research groups providing microphysiological systems for integration with the cardiac chip. Postdoctoral candidates with a recent PhD degree and a background in BioMEMs, microfabrication, or microfluidics are particularly encouraged to apply. Experience with human stem cell culture is desired. If you are interested please email Kevin Healy at or apply here.