The Healy Lab -

The Healy Lab

The Healy Laboratory focuses on the interface between biology and materials science to develop engineered systems to explore both fundamental biological phenomena and new applications in translational medicine. The group currently conducts research in the areas of:

  1. Bioinspired Materials for Regenerative Medicine
  2. Microphysiological Systems (tissue chips) for Drug Development, Gene Editing, Isochoric Supercooling, and Environmental Toxin Screening

The group is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating researchers from the fields of bioengineering, materials engineering, medicine, and molecular biology. We also participate in numerous collaborations with other research groups and institutions. Check out our research page for more information on our projects!

Please Note: The Healy Lab has postdoctoral positions available in cardiac tissue chip technology and cardiac tissue gene editing. Experience with human cardiomyocyte biology is essential. If interested, please look here for more information.


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